Computer-Guided Dental Implants in Richardson, TX

The best option to replace missing teeth.


Dental Implant anatomy white

When you’re missing one or more teeth, many problems occur, including the ability to chew food, adjacent teeth drifting out of place, and lowered self-esteem. To fix this, you need to restore your missing tooth, and the most natural way is with a dental implant.

An implant restoration is comprised of three parts:

  • Implant post: A titanium screw that serves as your new tooth’s root.
  • Abutment: Secures your post and crown together, made from porcelain or titanium.
  • Dental crown: Fits on top of the abutment and looks and functions just like a natural tooth. A bridge or denture may be used as well.

All said and done; no one will notice you have an implant!

Now, for the most successful outcome, our dentist, Dr. Mitchell Kim, uses CBCT 3D scans and CEREC CAD/CAM technology to place your implant. Keep reading to see how this benefits you.


We’ll let these benefits speak for themselves.

More Precise
3D technology takes into account your bone structure and density, tissues, sinuses, nerves, etc. This helps us know exactly where to place your implant for the best stability.

Minimizes Pain
Computer-guided implants are more comfortable because of smaller and cleaner incisions, which helps you heal faster and lessens the risk of complications.

Saves Money
You may avoid the need for sinus surgeries or bone grafts by having computer-guided implant surgery. This also reduces the number of appointments and speeds up treatment time!

In general, dental implants are very durable and last longer than other restorations. But 3D technology adds another layer in maximizing longevity.

Prevents Problems
Dental implants prevent problems like bone deterioration, teeth shifting, misalignment or bite issues, discomfort, and more. This also benefits your overall health!

Unlike bridges or dentures, dental implants don’t require modifications to surrounding healthy teeth.

New Candidates
Were you not an implant candidate before? With a computerized implant guide, you may now be eligible for dental implant surgery.

Beautiful Result
Not only will your tooth blend in with your surrounding teeth, but you may also look younger by restoring bone structure!


Yes! Just look at this real patient’s restored smile.

Before Dental Implants

How a a dental implant looks in the mouth of an actual patient of Dr. Mitchell Kim's.

After Dental Implants

Dental implants in Richardson TX are a natural looking solution for missing teeth.
A panoramic view of Modern Dental's front office space


Our restorative dentist in Richardson, TX is passionate about offering the most up-to-date dental care, and it’s clear computer-guided dental implants are unbeatable. But as our patient, you’ll also benefit from:

Morning, afternoon, and evening appointment times
Flexible financial options
All your dental services completed under one roof
Personalized care from our talented and friendly team
Complimentary consultations and second opinions


How much does it cost?

Price varies depending on multiple factors like bone health and the type of tooth. To find out how much your dental implant will cost, schedule a complimentary consultation.

Does insurance cover dental implants?

Dental implants are considered a restorative dentistry procedure and are often covered by dental insurance (generally at 50%). If you don’t have insurance, we offer an affordable alternative with a 15% discount on treatments.

Do dental implants hurt?

Getting a dental implant shouldn’t cause you pain. Afterward, the surgical site may feel tender, which can be aided with over-the-counter pain medication. A benefit of computer-guided implant surgery is that it’s more comfortable during and after the procedure.


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