Athletic Mouth Guards Aren’t Just for Professional Athletes

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You’ve seen them on every Dallas Mav, Star, and Cowboy: colorful mouthwear that, you assume, is there to prevent a tooth from getting knocked out.

But athletic mouth guards do more than just prevent broken, chipped, or avulsed (knocked out) teeth. This seemingly simple piece of protective equipment is so essential, that we often recommend having them made for any Richardson patient that is involved in athletic activities.

Protection Against Head Injuries and Concussions 

During blunt force trauma — such as a football tackle or elbow to the mouth during a basketball game — the energy forced into the jaw can radiate up into the skull. Wearing a professionally fitted mouthpiece like ArmourBite Guards can significantly reduce you or your child’s risk of concussion in the event of an accident.

How is a Protective Guard Made?

To create a custom ArmourBite Mouth Guard, we take an impression of your teeth that is then used to create a model. As the ArmourBite materials are shaped and molded to the model, it ensures the most uniquely fitted experience possible. The finally product is ready for you to try on about two weeks later…giving you more than enough time to plan for that upcoming sports season!

Not All Sports Mouthwear or Splints are Created Equal

Buying a protective mouth guard from the grocery store or sporting goods retailer may be “good enough” to meet your team’s baseline protective equipment requirements, but they’re far less effective than having a custom fitted mouthpiece made with our Richardson dental experts.

Here’s why:

Custom mouth guards like ArmourBite Mouthpieces will…

  • Stay in place should trauma occur, not pop out of the mouth or put you at risk to a secondary injury
  • Be easier to hydrate, breath, and speak with…so athletes are less likely to take them out during the game
  • Snuggly fit around your unique oral anatomy, making them more comfortable and protective
  • Protect a larger area, which can reduce the risk of lip lacerations or knocked out teeth
  • Reduce tension in the jaw muscles and head, so that your stress levels are lowered and you can pay better attention to the game

If you or your child are actively involved in athletic activities, a fitted mouth guard could be the best piece of protective equipment — and insurance — that you have on your side. Call Modern Dental in Richardson today to find out how we can help you avoid that next dental emergency.